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Is your relationship with your cat suffering?  Is your household out of harmony? 
Did you know that cats internalize stress?

Have other avenues left you frustrated and without a solution to your cat’s unique behavior issues? Victoria, founder of North American Feline Behavior Outreach Services can assist and guide you in resolving many cat behaviors.

Although the popularity of pet cats continues to rise there continues to be a lack of understanding regarding living with, and caring for, the so-called “domestic cat”.  It is widely accepted that cats are vulnerable to environmental stressors, and that health and behavior are closely linked, yet cat owners frequently find themselves without access to adequate resources
for individualized support and/or expertise in addressing common, albeit perplexing feline behaviors.  Most often the cat is reacting quite naturally to the environment but the owners are uninformed how respond.  The unfortunate result of this dilemma
is that without intervention the owner may feel as though they have run out of options which translates into dwindling options
for the cat as well.

The frequency with which cats are discarded in our society is staggering, and the reasons numerous.  Time and again, the underlying reasons for relinquishment and/or abandonment is the basic lack of awareness of the needs and the nature of felines in general.  This ignorance, perpetuated by culture and industry, creates a cycle of neglect, abuse, suffering, and death for millions of cats in North America.  Whether the issue is scratching the furniture, peeing out of the box, or you just seem
to have a cranky, irritable cat, take heart.   Felines are sensitive and intelligent creatures with unique needs.  The best way to positively manage the behavior of felines is by meeting their needs with intelligence and sensitivity.  If other approaches have left you without a solution to your cat’s behavior issue/s, you may want to consider enlisting Victoria’s help. 
~ God made the cat in order to give man the pleasure of caressing the tiger ~
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