~ Victoria ~
With over 20 years of extensive experience observing, handling, evaluating, retraining, and rehabilitating felines, Victoria is passionately motivated to help you facilitate your cat’s behavior issues.

Victoria obtained her training and began her career as a Feline Behavior Counselor with Cats International in 2003, working as a behavior counselor for their behavior hotline.  Victoria holds a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art and currently serves as the Vice President of Cats International.  Committed to the organization’s community outreach programs, she is not only the coordinator but also provides feline behavior seminars in varied settings to both children and adults.

Victoria has previously worked alongside veterinarians in clinical settings in Michigan and Wisconsin, and in subsequent years has cared for surrendered shelter animals.  Sheltering is an unregulated industry.  Victoria has witnessed firsthand that the fear response in felines is generally misunderstood and often interpreted simply as aggression, which dramatically reduces the likelihood of survival.  Abandonment in itself is devastating, and especially terrifying to felines.  Some animals end up in poor facilities that promise never to euthanize, but are poorly equipped to provide the basic necessities for quality of life.   Interminable confinement is not a humane solution. 

Due to large numbers of homeless and feral cats, Victoria has also initiated and assisted local outreach efforts to trap, neuter, and find adoptive homes when possible.  Working with a number of committed organizations, Victoria strives to provide assistance to individuals who simply need access to necessary services, or a process to help homeless cats in need.

Victoria's hard work in organizing North American Feline Behavior Outreach Services has provided caretakers with excellent, existing resources (Links).   Affordable one-on-one consultation is available to meet the overwhelming need for individualized problem solving.  The ultimate goal is to prevent unnecessary trauma and/or suffering, and for the owners to arrive at the most positive outcome possible for the cat(s) that they love and care for.

          Goals of North American Feline Behavior Outreach Services:

  • Preserve owner/cat relationships by fostering a better understanding for the basic needs & nature of feline companions through education.

  • Provide personalized feline behavior support by phone consultation at affordable fees  which includes unlimited email follow-up.

  • Assist cat owners in identifying normal feline behavior , body language, and understanding basic feline motivation for many common, yet misunderstood behaviors.

  • Educate owners  to recognize what triggers certain behaviors, and how to respond humanely and appropriately to the needs of the cat in order to effectively address the behavior issue/s.

  • Empower owners with references for the most qualified veterinary recommendations for routine feline care and feeding for optimal feline health

In order for North American Feline Behavior Outreach Services to begin the counseling process it is necessary that the details and circumstances of the behavior issues are effectively communicated by completing the Feline Behavior Questionnaire Based on the completed questionnaire a thorough and realistic assessment of the case will be provided.

Proven and practical suggestions will be presented which will afford new insights for the owner and fresh approaches to the changes that are needed to successfully address the issue(s).  Victoria will commit her knowledge base and years of experience to arrive at the most positive outcome for both cat and owner, enabling owners to become more informed decision makers for their cats.  With these combined efforts it is Victoria's sincerest determination that the effectiveness of these changes will result in preservation/restoration of the pet/owner bond, and a more mutually rewarding and healthful existence for felines and the people they love.  
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